About Us

Who Are We?

We're two friends who might be a little, maybe, kinda Wordle obsessed. But hey, we know we're not alone! Since early in 2022 we've been sharing our Wordle results - texting each other pretty much daily. We're also "wordies" - we both love words. What started as a friendly competition morphed into a daily mini-creative writing challenge that we're calling 'micro tales'. We have a lot of fun with the daily routine. We hope that you enjoy the micro dose of creativity too.

Albert expresses his creative spirit through different media including photography, music, writing, and music videos. He is a professional musician, teacher, photographer, and published author. 

Musically his tastes encompass the warm dark basement of a dingy jazz club, to the majesty and enrapturing sound of a symphony orchestra, to the country/rock harmonies of bands like The Eagles, The Band, and Blue Rodeo. He can be found performing jazz, his own folk songs, and covering some of his favourites in and around town, at corporate gigs, and local music venues. 

Visually, Albert has an affinity for derelict and broken-down things, from barns to factories, churches to schools, and bridges to boats.  When communing with nature he would rather photograph a gnarly old tree than a picturesque sunset. 

He can be found through his production company and Youtube channel:


Youtube Channel

Stephanie is a leadership, learning and development professional, Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0) and executive coach. She  has worked in non-profit organizations for her entire career. 

She loves music, and while she used to be a singer, she now tries to get out to see live music of some sort as much as possible, adding harmonies from her seat in the crowd (typically a pub, bar, or other local music venue). 

Stephanie is a graphic recorder and facilitator and enjoys incorporating this into her work. While in no way a professional photographer, or even wannabe, Stephanie does love whipping out her iPhone to snap a photo (or a few dozen) while out on a walk on a trail, in the local arboretum, or while exploring a city, town, cemetery, or any other place that inspires her to pull the car over. 

She is an avid reader, and active curator of beautiful phrases, poems, paragraphs and sentences.