About the Blog

Wordle obsessed? Addicted? We might be!  

While we were not the first to engage in the world of Wordle, we quickly jumped onto the bandwagon as word spread in January 2022. We started sharing our daily scores, which quickly developed into a friendly competition of sorts. That soon morphed into sharing screen shots of our word guesses. Sometimes we even chose the same words! And on occasion we learned new words from each other or by googling strange words that we thought might fit.  

Towards the end of 2022 we began a new daily routine by creating a mini story each day - using the other's words. Sometimes it’s easy to come up with the story, sometimes it really is a hurdle. The stories either seemed to be complete little snippets in themselves or part of a larger story that remained unwritten. Using the words in order or reverse order added an additional challenge that we try to meet.  We’ve come to enjoy the daily micro dose of creativity.    

We thought you might enjoy reading them as well. If they inspire you to do something similar - please feel free to share yours with us.  There is one caveat - NO SPOILERS! We share our Wordle words and micro tales the day after, and ask that you do the same. And if our micro tales inspire you to write something bigger we'd love for you to share it with us too.