Wrapping up 2023! Wordles #920-924 (December 26-30, 2023)

December 26, 2023 (#920) PHONE

December 27

(#921) DAISY

December 28

(#922) LEARN

December 29

(#923) CHILD

December 30

(#924) THREE

Albert’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Stephanie, using Albert’s words)

A large SHARE of time was spent trying to reason with the young child, whose WHINE was heard throughout the house. Eventually a short video played on the father’s PHONE distracted her, and she soon forgot why she’d been upset. 

It was a TOUGH PLACE for anything to grow because whenever it was RAINY it flooded. It was incredible that the singular DAISY survived.  

Her SHARE of the work made her WEARY when she thought about it. For probably the hundredth time she chided herself -she needed to LEARN to space things out and not to try to do it all at once at the last minute. 

She stopped to STARE at the MOUND of laundry that was piled in the middle of the bedroom. She was trying not to be LIVID that her CHILD had left it there for her to deal with!

The idea of needing to SHARE a partner was not something he wanted- THREE is too crowded in a relationship! 

Stephanie’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Albert, using Stephanie’s words)

He had a FLARE for knowing WHOSE partners would CHOKE up on the PHONE during those long distance calls while the band was on the road. 

On a SCALE of one to ten she thought the PASTY-looking DAISY was a three. 

No microtale for these words… can you blame him??! 

He was TIRED of all the PLAID clothing that seemed to have come back into fashion. He had not seen so much plaid since he was a CHILD in the 70s. 

His CLOUD storage was full because he had to SHARE it with THREE others.