Wordles #935-939 (January 10-14, 2024).

January 10, 2024 (#935) THREW

January 11

(#936) BRIEF

January 12

(#937) ROUTE

January 13

(#938) HEARD

January 14

(#939) DOING

Albert’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Stephanie, using Albert’s words)

The couldn’t help but SHARE THEIR love for each other with anyone they met. They THREW themselves into telling the story of how they met and fell in love with delightful abandon. 

He had to SHARE his table with another DINER, which normally would have been okay however the GRIEF he was experiencing threatened to overtake him. He took a BRIEF moment to acknowledge her, and then went back to reading his novel. 

The TRADE ROUTE was a well known path, having been used for centuries. 

He slammed his hands down on the TABLE in frustration. If anyone had asked he would  SWEAR that his voice could easily REACH the teens holed up until their bedrooms, and he was sure they’d HEARD him. 

I thought that my SHARE of the work would give me some CLOUT in influencing the decisions GOING forward. Instead I felt like the direction was bouncing all over the place with a virtual BOING each time it hit a wall and changed. In the end I had no idea what we were DOING or why! 

Stephanie’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Albert, using Stephanie’s words)

To raise the weight enough to strike the bell you had to really POUND the hammer down hard. It was a SHAME that the crowd had already dispersed because a rousing CHEER from an engaged audience might have given me some extra incentive although frankly the last time it THREW me off. 

The young hunter had SLAIN the deer with a great deal of PRIDE but after a while he was overcome with GRIEF at having killed such a lovely creature. But the mourning period was BRIEF as he soon realized this was the way of the world and his family would enjoy the deer meat throughout the winter. 

The CREAM of the pioneer crop always grew near the SHORE, and the settlers had also wisely set up their FORGE near the ROUTE that hugged the water’s edge. 

They thought the winds would WREAK havoc on their plantation which was within REACH of the eye of the storm.  At least that is what they HEARD from the emergency crews.  

In his haste, he tripped on the STAIR as he started to CLIMB towards the aroma that was driving him mad. The WHIFF of caramelized sugar, butter, and whiskey was enough for him to investigate what his roommate was DOING in the kitchen.