Wordles # 930-934 (January 5-9, 2024)

January 5, 2024 (#930) LUNGE

January 6

(#931) CABLE

January 7

(#932) STONY

January 8

(#933) FINAL

January 9

(#934) LINER

Albert’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Stephanie, using Albert’s words)

The PIANO teacher was quite STERN with her students, but it meant that no one was ever on the FENCE about whether they liked playing or not. If they didn’t practice she would LUNGE into a full on lecture about the benefits of consistency, having respect for their talent, and for each other’s time. 

The farmer was CLEAR that he needed to help the cow to CALVE, as the calf was inverted. In the end they needed to use a CABLE to help secure and calm the mama cow so that could get in there safely. 

The WATER the young SCOUT brought for the half day hike was not nearly enough, and as a result he began to move at a SLOTH-like pace. The group STOOD to wait for him at the peak, near a large STONY outcropping.

It was odd to see a shipping CRATE painted with a large DAISY. The FINAL result was rather whimsical. Perhaps it will start a trend. 

The TRAIN stopped at different towns as it made its way across the country. I disembarked during a longer break, and was surprised to be offered a bowl to RINSE my hands in, as soon as I sat down in the humble-looking DINER. Looking around I spotted a MINER who clearly appreciated some FINER things in life, including the soft LINER of the booth, as evidenced by how he gently ran his hand up and down the seat beside him. 

Stephanie’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Albert, using Stephanie’s words)

They took THEIR PLACE at the podium, ready to SOLVE the game riddles before the opposing team members could LUNGE at the answer button. 

The DANCE shows on CABLE TV were quite entertaining but not very professionally produced. 

“RELAX don’t do it” he heard someone SHOUT as he continued to STOMP on the flowers in the neatly tended garden. He then took STOCK of the situation and STOOD over the desecrated garden. THe STONY rock and flower garden looked like it had been hit by a tornado. 

It was quite a CHORE to remove the STAIN caused by the rusting ANVIL but in the end the FINAL solution involved harsh chemicals and elbow grease. 

I used to listen to a lot of the Royal Canadian Air FARCE on CBC radio during my LONER days. But after working on an ocean LINER as a cocktail pianist I became far more social and have not heard that show in years.