Five Days - Wordle #915-919(December 21-25, 2023).

December 21, 2023 (#915) BUILT

December 22

(#916) TOUCH

December 23

(#917) SLOPE

December 24

(#918) GRACE

December 25

(#919) EVOKE

Albert’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Stephanie, using Albert’s words)

The SCOPE of the restoration that needed to be done occupied her TRAIN of thought continually. The FILTH that had accumulated on her great-grandma’s QUILT wracked her with GUILT. It seemed to her that that generation was BUILT of stronger, more pragmatic stuff, and would not have ever let anything get into the dismal state that she had. 

They were thrilled with the SPACE they had to BLOCK out their routine. Dancing together helped keep the TORCH alive; they could still give each other the chills with a single TOUCH, gliding together across the floor.

“Oh SHOOT!” she uttered with a touch of self-directed SCORN in her voice. Her intention had not been to SPOIL the kids, but once again she found herself on that slippery SLOPE of trying to make sure everything was even between them, which resulted in far more under the Christmas tree than she’d initially planned. 

Teh beef ROAST was a GRADE A. They decided that the GRAPE that was most appropriate to accompany it was a robust Shiraz red wine. They hope that their guests would have some GRACE with them if the meat was a tab overdone or the wine pairing not perfect. 

The date was a SPARK for a wee Christmas break!

Stephanie’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Albert, using Stephanie’s words)

There was not a TRACE of a pig’s SNOUT on the QUILT. The quilter felt a touch of GUILT because the farmer who commissioned the quilt had asked her to reflect the pig farm that he had BUILT into a family business.  

They broke BREAD before the FOUNT of the Holy Spirit. The children were a little POUTY because the service was so long. But in the end the spiritual nature of the event was sure to TOUCH them in some positive way. 

Pedaling hard, they tried to REACH the top of the hill but a large STONE had become stuck in a SPOKE which jammed the wheel and prevented them from making progress up the SLOPE.

The ancient stone coffin in the church crypt was still in very good SHAPE. She placed the large sheet of paper on top and using her fingers began to TRACE the figure of the 14th century saint who was clearly bathed in a state of GRACE. 

I love homemade BREAD, especially one with a SHINE on the crust. Admittedly, I don't love the PLUME of flour that can cloud the air when I’m kneading a fresh batch as it can EVOKE the memories of a smoky, cloudy day from years before.