Five days of Microtales - December 16-20, 2023 (Wordle #910-914)


December 16, 2023 (#910)

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December 20


Albert’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Stephanie, using Albert’s words)

The SPARE FLUTE she travelled with was a CLONE of her grandfather’s. While she now owned the original, she didn’t risk bringing it around the GLOBE with her. 

The DRAPE of her dress was exquisite against the rocky SHOAL. The photographer was pleased with the effect, but had a short time to work in as the seagulls began to ANNOY them. “I’m too old for this,” he thought, not for the first time. It was time to pass the BATON on to someone younger. He’d made far more “BACON”  then he’d dare hope.

The gun RANGE presented SONIC issues for the neighboring community that were far from FUNNY. 

He had to SHORE up his courage to tuck into his overflowing PLATE of the traditional LATKE his mother-in-law served him. He knew she would not allow him to leave the TABLE until he was finished!

The SHELF was almost too SMALL for the Elf. 

Stephanie’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Albert, using Stephanie’s words)

The HOUSE they used for the movie shoot was an exact CLONE of my childhood home.  It fit the film setting like a GLOVE. I couldn’t imagine a better house for the movie anywhere on the GLOBE. 

He liked to wield his CLOUT around like he was ROCKY Balboa getting ready to make his BACON in the boxing ring.  

The SWINE congregated around the large PLANT outcropping in the centre of the outdoor pen. A large CHUNK of wood was BOUND to the gate to prevent escape. The RUNNY, slick mud in the pen did make for a FUNNY comedy of errors sight as pigs and Farmer slid around trying to keep their balance.

The restaurants along ROUTE 66 were run-down and dirty. One could imagine the food was also STAKE as there were not many tourists taking this side excursion anymore. It would not be hard to get a TABLE but they decided to push on towards Vegas for a decent meal at the hotel. 

They quickly ducked into the packed movie theatre where the film The WHALE was playing, eager to escape the person they were sure had set out to STALK them from their home.  They would have enjoyed the movie except for one small annoyance.  Despite the fact that the man sitting in front of them had a bald SCALP and thus no mass of hair to impede their view of the screen, he was far from a SMALL man and his height and breadth almost completely obscured their view of the screen.