Wordle #855 (October 22, 2023)

Albert’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Stephanie, using Albert’s words)

His BRASH nature, MOUNT Everest like defensiveness, and sense of humour that cut like a KNIFE made the soft LINEN shirts and trousers he chose to wear daily a study in contradictions. It was not a GIVEN that he was as he appeared to be, she thought. But which was his true soul nature was difficult to determine. 

Stephanie’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Albert, using Stephanie’s words)

The WHEAT that was engineered from the 1980s until now is far from a CLONE of the ancient small wheat grass growing wild in fields.  It’s sort of like how DENIM jeans are in no way similar to the wool “slacks” our parents wore, even though they both served the same purpose. It’s a GIVEN that things change, but it’s not always for the better.