Wordle#818 (September 15, 2023)

 Albert’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Stephanie, using Albert’s words)

Any SPARE energy the CLERK had was not particularly OVERT. In fact, on observation they looked as if their default was INERT, and it would have taken a near catastrophe (or perhaps a miracle) to them to EXERT themselves in any way!

Stephanie’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Albert, using Stephanie’s words)

He placed the gruesomely carved MELON on the ledge above his front door.  Passersby or anyone coming to the house could not help but STARE at the frightening pre-Halloween decoration.  Their heads would TWERK upwards to behold the magnificent melon.  He had to EXERT great effort to create his best Halloween fright but it was totally worth it.