Wordle #714 (June 3, 2023)

 Albert’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Stephanie, using Albert’s words)

The STALE smell coming from the dry, PARCHed riverbed, the MANGY dog, and the little old man, who sat on the bench for hours every day, reflected the tired town perfectly. In looking just a little closer, he must have been a DANDY in his youth, she thought. Unzipping the FANNY pack that she’d casually slung over her shoulder, across her torso, she extracted her camera and began shooting. As she scanned the landscape she was surprised to see, through her lens, what looked to be a young NANNY, dressed in vibrant colours, who appeared to be singing to the infant and toddler safely secured in the stroller she pushed. A study in contrasts.


Stephanie’s Words

Micro Tale

(Written by Albert, using Stephanie’s words)

In the shower his ring came loose with the soap and was washed down the DRAIN. He screamed and cried and tried to pry open the drain.  His ANGEL had given him that ring when they wed so many years ago.  She was really going to SPANK him now!  That might not be so bad, but he still tried to think of ways to compensate for this loss and thought he could fill in the garden with more flora and FAUNA (rabbits?) or maybe hire a NANNY to look after the kids and house so she could have more free time.